Let's work together.

We'll transform your home into a beautiful and meaningful haven.  

We're happy you're here, taking a closer step towards creating a home to meet your personal dreams and goals.  We understand there's more to design than meets the eye.  There's an essence to be discovered and revealed in your home.  It may be your place for respite; a place to re-energize.  It may be your place for entertaining; a place for being recharged by people and activities. Whatever defines home for you, it should be a haven designed with intention, filled with imagination, accomplished with ease, and most of all - mindful of you.      


Let’s Get Started!

Our introductory consultation offers two, distinctively different focuses and are detailed, below.


One: Full-Service Interior Design | Remodeling | New Construction

This consultation is our first step in understanding your needs, providing guidance, and igniting the design vision for your existing home or the one you've dreamed about constructing.

We’re committed to listening carefully as we help you to identify important priorities. A portion of our meeting will be set aside to review your home and/or your project plans, while noting your routines and your interests. We even have a fun and exclusive method for quickly defining your design style and preferences! 

We’ll also discuss projected timelines and budgetary goals for bringing your project to the finishing point.  All questions are welcomed.  In fact, we’ll look forward them.  Be it one room or an entire home, we’ve got the solution for you. 

Throughout this initial meeting, you’ll be able to experience how our services are delivered, while appreciating well-founded design advice. More details about our Full-Service and Remodeling & New Construction processes can be found, below.

This session covers two hours of an intensive review for a fee of $595.00. (This rate allows for short-distance meetings from our office.)


Two:  Design Support Consultation

If you're considering handling a project on your own, this service allows you to initiate the process within a single consultation.

Our design support provides laser-focused advice for the following:  planning for furniture purchases, room styling, color palette selections, backsplash design, or where to begin when considering refreshing a room. This service can also be a method for becoming acquainted with our design approach without any obligation.  

We can plan to address priority items for one or two areas, keeping the time allocation in mind. Before my departure, you’ll have a short list of notes to follow, along with materials suggestions you can source on your own. 

If after this meeting we determine either a Full-Service or Design Day option will be a better fit, you can easily advance to one of those service levels. More details about those processes can be found, below.

This session covers two hours of valuable direction for a fee of $595.00. (This rate allows for short-distance meetings from our office.)


Full-Service and Design Day Options

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Full-Service Interior Design

There’s a common thread connecting our full-service design clients; a desire for home to be a place of renewal, living more effectively, including a beautiful sense of ease. They're enthusiastic about investing in a process which brings their dreams to fruition, giving them more time to realize other important endeavors.  Does this ring true for you? 

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Remodeling & New Construction

If you’ve been presented with the exciting opportunity to remodel your home, to either improve the function or bring it to a more current style, the question of how to begin can seem daunting.  Perhaps you’re considering a new build for a change of location or lifestyle and need assistance with all of the selections.

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Design Day Consultation

If you need a designer’s assistance, beyond a quick fix, and without the longer term commitment of our Full-Service Interior’s Process, think of this option as having access to your personal design pro for accomplishing specific objectives for your home’s interior.  Our advice will provide you with the extra confidence to independently move forward and within your own timeline.