Remodeling & New Construction

If you’ve been presented with the exciting opportunity to remodel your home, to either improve the function or bring it to a more current style, the question of how to begin can seem daunting.  Perhaps you’re considering a new build for a change of location or lifestyle and need assistance with all of the selections.

As your project liaison, we'll focus on creating a vision and will provide a process to clearly communicate design concepts, projected budgets, and how your project will be organized.  Our custom solutions are designed to bring you the ultimate living experience. We eliminate second-guessing from the beginning so you can enjoy your design experience from start to finish.  

We team up with some of the best vendors and contractors in our area to source tile, cabinets, fixtures, moldings and all related services to provide the ultimate combination of performance and beauty.  Exterior and interior solutions are included. We’ll review everything from how you turn on the lights to helping you pave the way for accommodating future needs.

This option has similar parallels to our full-service process in regard to the degree of the detail in decision-making and project reviews.  We'll begin by scheduling our Initial Consultation for a full review of your plans, prior to any site visits, if your project is related to new construction.  If you're considering a remodeling project, a site visit would also be planned. 

We'll work with the construction team to establish milestones and to meet deadlines.  Our design fee is based on the project size and scope of services to be provided and will be submitted in advance for agreement.