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Aside from an expected completion date, share more about your project priorities. Do you have any special needs to be addressed? For example, are you hoping for creative solutions for storage? For ease of access in cabinetry? Do you want your home to tell the story of who you are? Do you want it to feel more inviting to guests? Think of anything which might help us in meeting your interior design goals.
Tells us about your current design style. Traditional? Modern? Eclectic? Transitional? Share any details possible so we'll get a visual. Are you hoping to change this to something different or stay with your leanings with an updated look?
If you have done your own sourcing for furnishings, accessories, bedding, etc., tell us about your favorite brands and/or places to shop. What did you like about that experience and what didn't you like? Price points? Service? Quality? Do you prefer online shopping or places with a "high touch" experience?
Have you worked with an interior designer, before? If so, what was that experience like for you? What benefit did it offer you? What did you like or not like?
A ballpark or range provides some idea of what can be accomplished, along with your project desires. We also provide budget projects, as part of our client service.
Is this a new build project? If so, please share the heated square footage and the total, under roof square footage. Include outdoor living space descriptions, too. We'd love to know more about your builder and architect, too.