Initial Consultation:

Would you benefit from defining design concepts for updating a specific room or area?  Are you considering remodeling an existing home or breaking ground on a new home-build project?  Would you like to become more comfortable with making wise decisions by receiving advice from an interiors expert for the best return on your design dollars?  This is a great place to begin!

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First, We Listen.  Completing our questionnaire allows us to schedule an introductory call: We subscribe to the idea, the more we know about you, the better we'll be able to relate to your needs.  We ask questions, (without being intrusive), regarding your daily routine . . . We learn how you begin your day and where you often experience it.  We ask how you end your day and where it ends.  We also discuss the time and spaces in between.  We ask about your interests.  We want to know what your ideal home looks like - how it feels - how it sounds - even your favorite fragrances.  

Next, We Schedule.  We'll determine the appropriate service and plan for our initial, introductory meeting: This initial meeting allows for assistance in determining your home's project priorities.  During this time, we're going to review your space and/or your project plans.  We will discuss:  your design style and preferences, lifestyle and functional desires - and if full-service design is desired - projected timelines, budgetary goals, and how to establish realistic expectations in order to bring your project to completion.  We will also review some examples of completed projects and how we work.  It's a great time for questions from everyone involved!

Some creative and also conservative design advice will be shared, considering great design is a process and some of our best think tank time is achieved after the first visit.  This two to two-and-a-half hour, in-home or in-office service is our first step in providing guidance towards the most suitable approach for designing your interiors space.   

Moving further along:  We may determine, ahead of time, to add an extra hour for gathering even more important information.  Measuring and documenting details, through photographs, can provide us with enough information to progress to the next phase of our full-service process.  We'll discuss what that would entail and the investment for our exclusive Master Plan

Fee:   $695.00 for a maximum of 2.5 hours for this visit.  Please note our initial fee allows for pre-meeting prep time and follow-up notes to be shared at the end of the meeting.