Bedroom Design Ideas - Visiting with the Twins

A few housekeeping items before I get back to posting.  Yes, it's been a while!  I've had two blog locations and it's time to make sure we get readers over here!  I've missed all of you!  We've been super engaged with projects, the summer months, then into the high season of design, High Point Market . . . well, you get the picture.  Meanwhile, it occurred to me we've had some pretty amazing posts to bring back over to this page, along with some updates.  

One of our most read articles happens to be about using twin beds in guest areas so I thought, why not share an updated version?  Just in time for the holiday entertaining and guest season, no less!  Yes, there's still time to refresh that less than inviting room for friends and family.

Here's our updated post version:

While stopping by various showrooms, during my recent High Point Market jaunt, I made a note to myself to be sure to reconsider twin beds as a solution for guest rooms.  There were so many lovely upholstered headboards, as well as wood frames being prominently featured.  The more I saw, the more I felt as if I was on to something . . . a new interpretation of the 1950’s flashbacks to “I Love Lucy” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, where TV land had married couples sleeping in separate beds.  (What a difference fifty years has made!)


I spotted the pretty, upholstered pair of headboards, above,  in a blush and lavender setting at Highland House Furniture during the Fall 2017 show.

Meanwhile, after thinking of the multiple, beautiful, and practical reasons for offering this as a design concept . . . and for adult rooms, no less . . .  I went searching the net for design inspiration to share.  We’re in the process of installing our lake home project, where a guestroom, design with nieces in mind, will be a beautiful blend of “boho/modern” with a touch of Lilly Pulitzer.  Look for a future post to come but here’s a sneak peek of our design board:


We’re tweaking the wall treatment as it will go more towards a tone-on-tone hand-stenciled pattern to really allow the other elements to pop.  This will give you an idea of our direction, though.

Here are some of the images we had in our blog archives, with some helpful interior design tips:

Gooorrrrgeous!  The art to the fabulousness in this room is the bold patterning.  Love the combo of wood and fabric in the headboards and the cute little feet peeking out from the corners.


The perfect solution to one of those oddly shaped rooms.  This is a clever and creative way to control light and privacy with the wrap-around rods.  Each guest still has a sconce tucked within for nighttime reading.  (Veranda – Interior Design – Willis and Marsden – NC Mountain Cottage – Jane Marsden Antiques & Interiors.)


Even with odd window placement, there is no fast ruling that a bed can’t be placed in front.  The sheer panels keep it light and airy.  (Thibaut Fabrics - Imperial Dragon)


Forgo the headboards and use fabric and a cornice to add height and interest, along with pattern.  Again, furnishings are simple and allow the over-scale paisley to rock the room with design.  It would be so simple to make this happen in your home!  (


A designer’s trick to beefing up the scale of a twin bed would be to enlarge the visual space.  The horizontal lines of the headboards, along with the placement of the connecting wall art, spread the visual field.  The large-scale, patterned duvets, at the ends of the beds, help to balance it all out. (Apartment Therapy)


Can’t you just picture these at a vacation get-a-way?  Happy times!  (Pinterest)

Flexible design at its best!  Take away the quilts, pillows, and a few accents, and you’re left with an all-white, summery room.  For seasonal design, the slipcovered headboards could be recovered in a heavier texture and different textiles could be brought in to transition you towards fall and winter.  (Full House Blog)


I’ll have to admit . . . I’m a restless sleeper.  The placement of these upholstered-base beds gives me comfort in knowing a wall is there to keep me intact.  No rolling out of bed in the middle of the night!  (Full House Blog)


Let’s just say you aren’t hosting two unrelated visitors and the only extra room is housing the twin beds.  Rather than being stumped for a solution, there are great mattress fillers which allow you to push the beds together to fashion a king size.  Bed, Bath & Beyond offers an Instant King Twin Bed Bridge to assist with the task.  Of course, some headboards are easier to pair than others.  I loved the clever vintage headboard design, offered by Ellen Ward Antiques on 1st Dibbs.  It’s from the 1950’s!  (Those cheeky folks!)

Even if you have full-scaled, wood frames, depending on the shaping, they still may be pushed together to make a snuggly sleeping space.

I hope this post has you thinking of those headboards or beds, tucked away in the attic or storage.  Get them out and have fun with them!  Even yet, consider some custom options to plan for a special, personalized space, via a design consultation.  We love creating bedroom retreats and have great resources in our design bag!

All my best! - Wanda