Meet Wanda

Wanda S. Horton, Founder/Principal Designer - Intuitive Observer, Creative Solution-Finder

Wanda S. Horton Photography by Deborah Triplett.jpg

I’ve always held this belief to be true:  excellent design comes from a special balance, discovered between beauty and order.  I see it as a combination of an artistic expression and the mastery of a practice.  I also believe design can soften the bumpy edges of everyday life.  It impacts us in ways we aren’t often able to articulate; however, we feel its presence wherever we are.  

As a child, I tagged along with my mother as she made her way through antique stalls in search of furnishings and accents; those moments ignited the spark to dig deeper into the history of design. My grandmother inspired me with the remarkable ability to take investment pieces, arrange them with special finds, and create the art of living well.  I took those influences, added an interiors degree from East Carolina University, and launched into the professional world of design.

Today I deliver homes that bring a fresh interpretation to a traditional style.  I find and mesh meaningful layers of both new and existing treasures.  Walking into a home I’ve designed should make you feel welcomed. Living in one should bring a familiar comfort while confidently guiding you towards experiencing something different – something imaginative. 

Since the inception of my firm, I’ve appreciated the recognition of my work featured in publications and blogs such as: This Old House Magazine, Charlotte Home + Garden, The Charlotte Observer, The French Garden House, The Decorating Diva, HFC – “Live an Exceptional Life”, and as a Style Spotter for the High Point Furniture Market.  I’ve also been honored as a featured presenter for design industry events.  Nothing compares to experiencing the delight in a client’s eyes when they behold the transformation of their own space and those bumpy edges have become smoothed away.

A member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the Interior Design Society  |  CAPS Certified - (Certified-Aging-In-Place Specialist)